Pagal-Basti by Sarubhakta

One of the most popular literately name in Nepal, Sarubhakta, started writing a novel named ‘Pagal Basti’ in 2039 BS. It took him 6 years to finish the book and the first edition of the book was published in 2048 BS.

Book cover
book cover -pagal basti

Few reviews of the book:

Reviews on the back cover of the book:

sarubhakta back cover

A review of the book:
Pagal Basti by Sarubhakta

Chepang Khadya Sanskriti ra Krishi Jaibik Bibidhata

A book on Chepang tribe and their food culture and agricultural diversity. The Nepali book is going to be made available for purchase in near future.

chepang khadya sanskriti

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Bhairav Aryal’s भैरब अर्यालका छ हास्य निबन्धहरु (iTunes)
Bhairav Aryal’s – भैरब अर्यालका छ हास्य निबन्धहरु- भाग २ (iTunes)
Bhupi Sherchan – Ghumne Mech Mathi Ko Andho Manche (घुम्ने मेच माथिको अन्धो मान्छे) (iTunes)

Sarubhakta’s – पागल-बस्ती – (गूगल र एप्पलको iTunes मा उपलब्ध छ )

Child writer Ishika Tripathi’s ‘My Rose’

bhairav aryal - free  bhairav aryal 2 - free ghumne mech mathi

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